Rafting or kayaking?

There are many ways to go about navigating the river. If you want to do it for fun, the list of options boils down to two very attractive activities – rafting and kayaking. Both can be done in the same conditions and have the same requirements, but also differ in some important ways. Luckily, you won’t have to choose – the popular tourist destination of Bovec, Slovenia, offers both activities in very affordable packages!

Bovec is situated on the bank of the Soča River. For both kayaking and rafting, Soča is perfectly suited with a mixed variety of rapids and calm waters, wide slow-paced sections and dynamic narrow passes. For rafting, Soča offers a great way to perform fun-filled group or family activities, as it is usually organized in form of group tours in one or multiple rafts. It is definitely the best choice for larger groups! Don’t worry about manually rowing when rafting Soča River – the guides do most of the work, and the remainder is fun and exciting anyway!

While the rafting experience is guaranteed to be completely thrilling, let’s not forget about kayak – Bovec offers kayakers an equal-time opportunity, not willing to deprive the visitors of another unforgettable experience. The river is quite capable of hosting both rafters and kayakers, and the town is perfectly suited for the requirements of both as well. For kayak, Bovec offers guided tours that can be individual or in groups, but in individual kayaks, of course. There is a bit more choice in the matter for experienced kayakers, as they can focus on equipment rental offers and plan their own course. This is why kayak Bovec is an attractive option for all kinds of visitors, even for the complete beginners that will find their opportunity to shine in a kayak school.