The adventure-town of Bovec

Some places just live for the adventure. Bovec is a great example, especially during the summer, when it becomes the focus point of visitors from all over the world. Yes, it has the unfair advantage of the stunning natural surroundings, complete with an emerald river, but the town’s own development is also admirable. Today, Bovec is a complete tourist town that works great as an outpost for various activities in nature.

Speaking of activities, why not go for Soca rafting? Bovec is perfectly situated in a bend of the river, having an easy access to different parts of the river and therefore offering different experiences. Everyone will find the tour to their tastes. That’s what’s special about Soca rafting, Bovec can provide a specially designed adventure that will exceed all your expectations! Not only with the abundance of guided tours, but also with a wide variety of other services. For Soca rafting, Bovec is a complete and convenient starting point that will not let you down, no matter what you might need or expect.

While the rafting is definitely one of the highlights, other activities can be just as tempting. Maybe choose canyoning, Bovec is perfect for that as well! Canyoning is a different kind of activity that will take you up and down the interesting canyons around the Soca valley. What’s true for rafting is just as true for canyoning, Bovec offers a comprehensive set of services, complete with professionally guided tours. If you think you’re good on your own, you can explore the nature independently, but you can’t get the real canyoning experience this way. With professionally guided canyoning, Bovec can offer a new experience that will rival any of the other thrilling possibilities of this place – definitely worth trying for yourself!